Great and Small Dog Care

About Us

Our Mission

We believe that loving dogs means respecting their needs by being responsible and understanding them as the animals that they are.  To us, caring for dogs should be done from a behavioural perspective.  We understand how dogs’ minds work and want to share our knowledge with owners to deepen their bonds with their pets, ultimately making both owners and dogs happier.  We take earning the trust of you and your dog seriously.  We’re committed to making sure the dogs in our care stay safe and have fun while getting the exercise and socialisation they need to be balanced and fulfilled.  Owners’ peace of mind matters to us, and we constantly aim to make them feel secure leaving their dogs with us.

Humble Beginnings

Monica and Dan, the founders of Great and Small Dog Care, began looking after dogs in 2017, shortly after getting married and settling in London.  Their business began as a small, casual venture in which they walked a few dogs each week, simply because they enjoyed dogs’ company and were missing Monica’s miniature schnauzer Chip, who stayed back in America with her family when she moved to the UK.  In no time at all, though, they found themselves hearing from lots of clients eager to find reliable, trustworthy carers for their dogs.

Setting the Bar High

Many dog owners Monica and Dan met had bad experiences with prior dog walkers.  In an unregulated industry like dog care, owners found it difficult to discern out of all the available options who was truly suitable to look after their valued family members.  So, Monica and Dan decided to build their business to a higher standard to make the choice simple for dog owners looking for the best carer.  Opening a fully licensed and insured bespoke premises just for dogs with an emphasis on safety and professionalism was the perfect way to accommodate the growing demand.  Monica and Dan became dog trainers as well.  They enjoyed the opportunity to be mentored by two of the UK’s leading dog trainers and behaviourists when they completed coursework from The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training.  Their studies provided them with even more knowledge about dog psychology, which they share with clients regularly.

Our Team

We look for staff members who genuinely love dogs and care about their welfare.  Because we want our employees to feel confident looking after the dogs in their charge, we train them in dog first aid and basic handling.  We foster a workplace culture of enthusiasm, friendliness, and support to encourage all of our staff and help them do their absolute best.  We promise our team members will put you at ease and assure you that your dog is in capable hands.

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Why Choose Us?

Professional Qualifications

We’re fully licensed and insured, and we hold dog first aid and dog training certifications.

Safety First

We walk dogs on lead, all of our staff members are DBS checked, and we have a registered vet in addition to our own first aid qualifications.


We’re in London, so your dog won’t spend long hours in a van to go outside of the city for the day.

Friendly Dogs Only

We’re careful to only book with social dogs to ensure the pups make new friends and stay safe.  Puppies are closely supervised around adult dogs.


Your dog will enjoy plenty of time outside walking with other members of our pack.

Space for Play and Rest

We have boutique premises full of toys and comfy spots where dogs can have fun and relax.


If you can’t pick up or drop off your dog yourself, we’re happy to do it for you.

All-In-One Service

No need to make separate appointments for your dog’s care!  We offer day care, walking, and training.

Our Qualifications

We hold a variety of certificates and professional qualifications to ensure excellence in all our services.  We want all of our clients to feel confident booking with us, and as such we have:

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