Dog Day Care

We’re happy to offer a comprehensive day care service so dogs can enjoy themselves while their owners are away.  Have a look at what we provide for the dogs in our care:

We offer day care Monday through Friday,

and our centre is open from 9am to 5pm.

We can pick up and drop off your dog in our zero emission van as part of our daily rate, or, if you prefer, you can come by yourself.  For our transport service, pickup is from 9-11am, drop off is from 4-6pm, and we promise your dog’s rides in the van will be short as we only operate locally.

Dogs will receive two 30-minute walks throughout the day.  We walk dogs on lead through local streets and parks in packs of no more than four at a time.

Dogs can play and rest inside our premises.

We have plenty of toys and comfy spots for them!

If your dog needs to be fed while with us, just send their food along and we’ll be happy to provide it according to your directions.

We charge £40 per day for each dog.

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