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Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we hold a commercial license from the council for our premises.  We are fully insured through PetPlan Sanctuary, and are happy to send you a copy of our policy.

Can I meet you before booking?

Yes, we encourage owners and their dogs to come to our centre for a visit prior to booking, as it’s important to us to assess new dogs’ temperaments.

How do I pay for your services?

We take payment monthly via direct debit. You will be provided with full details and our direct debit mandate form in time for your first booking with us.

Do I need to be home for you to pick up or drop off my dog?

We don’t need owners to be home to carry out our services, but we will need access to their homes for dog walking and, if they request it, day care pickup/dropoff.  In these cases, we’ll need keys to your home and/or all necessary lock box and security system codes.

What if I need to cancel service I’ve booked?

We need at least 48 hours’ notice in order to refund payment for cancelled services (with the cutoff time as 9am for day care and 11am for dog walking), thank you for understanding.

Why do you walk dogs in packs? Is that safe?

Dogs have always been pack animals.  They need time with their own kind in keeping with their primal roots.  Walking in groups builds dogs’ social skills and sense of community.  Rest assured that we do not walk more dogs than we can handle, as we walk no more than four at a time, and dogs are always walked on lead.

How do you make sure all the dogs in your care get along?

We schedule a free consultation at our premises with each new client before accepting their booking to ensure each dog meets our entrance criteria . Meeting new dogs ahead of time helps us determine if they are well socialised.  We also have different areas within our premises to suit dogs’ various temperaments: space for energetic dogs to play as well as space for quiet dogs to rest, and separate sections for adult dogs and puppies.

What supplies will you need from me to care for my dog?

We’ll just need your dog’s lead, as we are fully stocked with the other things dogs need.  If your dog needs to eat while in our care, please send along their food with feeding instructions.

Can I book my dog to stay overnight at your premises, or for weekend and bank holiday care?

Unfortunately we cannot book dogs to stay at our centre overnight.  We also do not offer dog walking or day care on weekends or bank holidays.

What if my dog becomes unwell while in your care?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will contact you immediately to seek your advice and determine if you will be able to collect your dog from us to take it to your own registered veterinarian.  If we are unable to contact you or the situation is especially urgent, we will take your dog to our registered veterinarian and keep you informed about your dog’s condition.

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