Great and Small Dog Care

Dog Walking

Our dog walking service provides exercise and socialisation for adult dogs so they can enjoy some time outdoors while you’re away.  Have a look at how we walk dogs in our pack:

You can book a walk of 1 or 2 hours long, Monday through Friday.  Our pickup window for walks is 11am-2pm.

Your dog will be picked up at your home and dropped back off by one of our friendly staff members.  If you won’t be in, we’re happy to take a spare key or lock box code.

We walk dogs on lead through local streets and parks in small packs of no more than four at a time.

We do not use cars or vans for transport, all walking is done on foot.

This service is only suitable for adult dogs, as the minimum booking we can accept is 1 hour, and young puppies cannot be walked for that long.

We charge £15 per hour for each dog.

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